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Soul Photography

dog running through a snow filled woodland
dog running through a snow filled woodland
Why I do dog photography? It’s not because I love photography (I do, but I could photograph lots of other things). It’s not because I love dogs (I do, but I could do lots of different things with dogs – training, pet sitting, etc.) I do it because I want to honor who they are.
As a child, I didn’t realize that animals were animals. I knew they generally had more legs and a tail, but I saw them as individuals, as souls. I didn’t know that not everyone had a birthday party for their dog. I didn’t know not everyone shared their deepest secrets with their dog. I didn’t know that to some,  dogs were pets and not a member of the family.
As an adult, there were still things I didn’t know. I remember the first time I heard someone refer to themselves as their dog’s parent. Or call them their furbaby. I was very confused. I had never thought of that type of a relationship with an animal. I saw them as an equal partner, a soul that I invited to share my life. Well, not totally equal, they don’t really help with the housework or pay the bills, but I saw them as friends. I have since realized that parental role a bit more, as I am their primary caregiver and the one that has to keep them from eating all the treats in one sitting, but I still see them as individual beings.
My goal is to create a photographic representation of their essence. To show their personality whether it’s reserved or silly or wild. I also want to illustrate that bond between human and dog. The two spirits intertwined for an all-too-brief time in this life. I am not taking pictures of your dog. I am photographing their soul.